The family is the biggest piece of the pie

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The key writers of social control theories were influenced by the mid 19th century conservative ideals, in which people were adhering to the unchanging state of affairs. Social control theorist viewed crime as normal behaviour that resulted from "the absence of effective beliefs that forbid delinquency" (Jones, 2009, p. 228). Rather than questioning why humans deviated and became criminals, social control theorist wondered why most people conformed and did not engage in criminal activity. With elements from several theories, including anomie, social disorganization and differential association, criminologist have argued that social control theory is not new (William & McShane, 2010, p. 157). These conservative criminologist were looking…show more content…
Ideally, if the methods of socialization were effective the societal bond would be strong, and people would conform and abstain from delinquent acts.

Hirschi's social bond theory is the most popular of all the social control theories, and for very good reasons (William & McShane, 2010, p. 157). We can see many programs that have been established based on Hirschi's theory. Some notable examples are the Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, and YMCA and YWCA (Sears, personal communication, November 9, 2010). Each of these programs are aimed at keeping children busy which prevents them from spending time involving in delinquent activities. The Big Brother and the Big Sister Program provides mentorship to children, where they can learn to respect authorities as they build respect for their mentor. These programs are also designed in a manner that teaches children conventional values and conventional activities, in which they can learn the element of commitment (William & McShane, 2010, p. 160). Affiliations to sport teams is also a great example of kids becoming involved and committing to their teams.Team commitment also provides a sense of being a part of a "second family" in which they may learn excellent values and beliefs. Other programs include enhancing family abilities through teachings of proper parenting and discipline methods (Sears, personal communication, November 9, 2010). A more recent example

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