The film ‘There Will Be Blood’ by Thomas Anderson

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The film ‘There Will Be Blood’ by Thomas Anderson is very complex and a movie that makes you think. In the beginning it was very confusing because you have to follow along with the characters without words being said. Also, because of all the possible disorders that can be developing in the characters of the movie. It is most recognized by the main character Daniel Plainview and all the “possible perspectives of interpretations” (Analysis 0:20) this movie has. As I was watching this movie, “this would be more of a ‘family’ study as its most important theme.”(Analysis 0:36) This is because it seems that Daniel is the ‘father’ to all the characters and then they are in the end related to him in some way. I believe that all the characters in the movie that were introduced were there to affect Daniel in some way, be a contrast to him, or be a reflection of him. Daniel Plainview is a man who has severe trust issues and is very troubled, but he wants to have a family. His characteristics are so heavily shown though the movie that they end up being his major flaws in the movie. These flaws are the things that end up destroying his connections to his family in every aspect. Anything that was thrown at him in the movie, did not impact him enough to change who he really was. For example, his son going deaf from the oil well explosion, which was an explosion that sent H.W flying and ultimately hitting his head on the hard roof of the shack. All of this happened because Daniel did not
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