The first light flooded a tsunami in her eyes. She slowly opened them in order to minimize the

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The first light flooded a tsunami in her eyes. She slowly opened them in order to minimize the irritation. It was pointless because Dolores had realized it was impossible to avoid another day. All she wanted to do was stay in her warm linen haven of a bed. But, She knew the moment she put her feet down, her whole body would feel the cold shock of the real world. The cold shock ripped through her, but she did not respond nor react, she could not let it win. Walking down the narrow maple-floored corridor, it seemed to chill her bones every time she stepped. The light beckoning from the bedroom bay windows was stationary almost painted in place, unmoving in her presence. She continued on as the house creaked as if about to break but…show more content…
Underneath, in red spray paint there were the almost illegible words screaming: “TAX THE RICH”. The flagpole was now missing it’s glorious flag and in it’s place, was a pair of non wet sneakers with a muddy tint to them. Dolores closed the GTO’s door gently behind her and walked across the dead patch of brown “hair”. Mike the cop tipped his hat as he opened the door to the school.. “How are the kids Mike?” Dolores asked. “Fine. My oldest son’s first day is tomorrow. I’ll make sure he’s in your class.” He responded with a smile, and how are You? “Fine!” She thought she felt her nose grow…. I’ll keep my eye out for that troublemaker.” She managed a little smile, “Say hello to Marie for me will you?” “Will do, See you later Dolores” The metal detector gave a little acceptance buzz as Dolores walked through. The High School hallway had always felt dead of spirit and happiness. Maybe it was the disgusting tiles or the graffiti covered brick walls or even the greasy broken bay windows that stopped the light from shining into the school, and it’s people… there were always the same type of students though...the kind that had known and been consumed by the ghetto all their lives, their hope, just like a couple of lonely pennies rolling around in an empty jar. When her husband had died, inspiring and mentoring these students had
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