The grocery retailer tesco and its operation processes

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TESCO 1) Process of Transformation Goods and services are both areas of operations, this means that they will change the state of any input into output. In order to achieve this they will need to have a transformation process according to the type of service or goods they have to offer this is all part of satisfying customer needs. Table 1.1 shows us the simple input transformation output process. Transformed Resources Materials information Customers Input transformation process output goods & services Transforming Resources Facilities staff Although most companies use the transformation process it is natural to see that they use it to provide different things to satisfy their customer needs. For example the AA will provide a…show more content…
For Tesco to set its goal and to satisfy all its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, the society) it is important to identify and analyse its five performance objectives. These objectives consist of: The quality objective: want to do things right The quality objective for Tesco means that the operation manager makes sure of that the store environment looks good so that it attract customers, and that they provide customer service. If Tesco provides good customer service and makes sure of keeping the environment looking good, the customers are more likely to come back instead of going to Tesco's competitors. The quality inside the operation is also important. If someone makes a mistake within the operation, time and money must be spent correcting this mistake. If the operation have not reordered all the goods they need, this can lead to irritated customers and lower revenue for the operation. The speed objective: want to do things fast The speed objectives is concerned with how long time it will take the customer to get to the store, buy the product and arrive back home again. The customers would like to do this as quick as possible and Tesco's operation managers should try to make this process quicker than its competitors. Speed is also important inside the operation. If the movement of materials and information is not quick enough, this could delay the process of serving the customers as quickly as possible. The dependability objective: want

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