The history of Rooster Teeth Production, LLC.

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is a production company based in Austin, Texas. It was officially established April 1st, 2003; although, the company made video production content, such as parodies and short movies, before then. The history of Rooster Teeth starts at the University of Texas in the mid-1990s. Three friends, Michael “Burnie” Burns, Matt Hullum, and Joel Heyman were friends who attended the university in Austin. They were not the best students, and they were worried the high-paying technology jobs, that were growing increasingly popular at the time, were out of their reach. So, as an attempt to get themselves noticed in the industry, they decided to make a short film together. The film was called “The Schedule;” Burns and Hullum directed it while Heyman played the lead role. The three of them brought their film to several festivals, and they received some minor recognition. In fact, it prompted Heyman to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, and Hullum decided to “follow his heart (i.e. Joel)” ( and decided to move there as well to work in visual effects. Burns stayed in Austin, where he started working at a tech support center, and where he eventually became Director of Operations.
At this point in time, three key players who would eventually form Rooster Teeth were separated from each other, and they could have feasibly spent the rest of their lives this way. However, one more important…
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