The importance of making it to appointments

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There are several reasons that making it to appointments on time is important. It effects not just the clinic itself but also effects every other department that is connected with it and the hospital as a whole. Being a Soldier I am supposed to lead by example and I can't lead if I can't even show up for any of my appointments on time. The over all effect of this action is very negative all through out the entire hospital. Clinics are very closely related to every other department in the hospital. Our mission as medical workers is to take care of any and all patients and we can not do this if our staff is constantly wasting appointment slots that the providers could be using for dependents or someone else that could actually earn the…show more content…
This is poor team skills and I have then tarnished my reputation with my fellow coworkers. Which then makes every day working a little harder because my coworkers then can not trust me that I can get work done as they may need. Fourth of all, after causing the clinic and the pharmacy to lose revenue, I then lose money for the hospital over all causing a flex in the budget and they then would have to find other means of regaining what I have then caused them to lose which means longer work hours for the military and possibly days off without pay for the civilians. That then causes more stress to the already stressed out service members. Causing a shift in the schedule that they currently have. Making them work more longer hours to try and get back the money that they have lost by working a more stressful schedule like twelve hour shifts and so on and so fourth. This also causes me and every one that has a family to then lose what precious time that we have with our families. As it is we hardly get enough time with them and by me being irresponsible, I cause them to lose even more time then they should have. This is unfair to everyone around me which is something that needed careful consideration, but none of these effects have crossed my mind which is very irresponsible of me to begin with. Not to mention, if the hospital was to lose too much revenue, it might have enough impact to actually shut the hospital
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