The importance of phonology and phonetic transcription in pronunciation

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1 1-Introduction Have you ever noticed that the 'c' in 'cat' and 'k' in kite' have the same pronunciation and phonetic transcription even though they are spelled differently? Or how the 'th' in 'the' and the one in 'thing' is pronounced and transcribed phonetically differently, although they are spelled the same? That is because the spelling and the pronunciation vary according to the place and situation. This ambiguity in spelling and pronunciation are portrayed by phonology that deals with sound and rules of pronunciation, and because pronunciation is essential in communication, automatically it becomes important in Language itself and in learning process indeed. However, we could see that phonology and phonetic transcriptionwere in…show more content…
Manner of articulation- the way that the consonants are pronounced one of the most important things that we need to know about a speech sound is what sort of obstruction it makes to the flow of air (Roach, 2009). Plosive consonants- are those that form a complete obstruction to the flow of air out of the mouth and nose, and normally this results in a build-up of compressed air inside the chamber formed by the closure(Roach, 2009). Place of articulation- Consonants are made by producing an obstruction to the flow of air at some point in the vocal tract, and when we classify consonants one of the most important things to establish is the place where this obstruction is made(Roach, 2009). Pronunciation- is the act of producing the sounds of a language (Roach, 2009). Symbols-One of the most basic activities in phonetics is the use of written symbols to represent speech sounds or particular properties of speech sounds. The use of such symbols for studying and describing English is particularly important, since the spelling system is very far from representing the pronunciation of most words. Many different types of symbol have been tried, but they are almost all based on the idea of having one symbol per phoneme (Roach, 2009). 4 2.2-Phonology 2.2.1 Definition Language has different points and topics to study and understand, and linguistic as a science responsible for it joins all the branches to make this study more precise and

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