The lessons we should learn from the battle of Uhud

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The lessons we should learn from the battle of Uhud The battle of Uhud has great significance in the history of Muslims. This war was fought in the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) where Meccans attacked the forces of Muslims in Madinah. This battle was fought on 3rd Shawwal 3 AH according to Islamic calendar. The Quraish’s perspective to fight this war was to take revenge from Muslims for the defeat of battle of Badr which they thought they could win because of the strength of their army. But they had to face the defeat that they could not accept. When the battle of Uhud started, the Muslims were in a very strong position but due to existence of a hypocrite group on Muslim’s side, confusions took place and Muslims lost the battle and…show more content…
The battle of Uhud gives multiple lessons to the true believers of Islam. The lesson one can get from this battle is that the Muslims should fight willingly for the greatest cause of Allah even if they are defeated. They should always be prepared to lay their lives for the cause of Allah and believe that whenever the Almighty Allah wishes, can take their lives back. Hanzalah is the example of true believer whose wife Jamila dreamt on the night of marriage that his husband would be martyred in the battle, but without getting reluctant next morning, Hanzalah left for battle and was martyred. It shows the courage and faith of the Muslims that is a lesson for the generations to come. Another lesson that battle of Uhud gives is that Allah wants to test His people if they are ready for His service in both good and bad times. One can only be the true servant of Allah when he shows complete obedience whether he likes or dislikes something but accepts it for Allah’s will. Battle of Uhud gives a lesson that Allah is very gracious to His people. He wants His believers in paradise for which he does not only test them by their deeds but gives those difficult and hard times so that their belief and faith can be tested. After succeeding through such hard times, believers will get their places in Jannah according to the promise made by Almighty. This battle tells that whatever the Muslims have lost in the war after being defeated, they will get their rewards in

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