The life and accomplishments of Al Capone during the prohibition era in the 1920s.

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During the prohibition era of the 1920's, if one wasn't an enemy of Alphonse (Al) "Scarface" Capone, was he, in many eyes, a hero? Due to his savvy street smarts and the corrupt rebellion of the decade, Al Capone was not only a popular commentary of the time, but is now a legend. His classic boy from the ghetto turned generous multi-millionaire story only adds to the heroism seen in this most famous Chicago mobster. Chicago's industries, open spaces and four seasons were an enormous magnet for the 19th century Europeans looking for a home and opportunity. The frontier Chicago grew into a wonderful collection of ethnic neighborhoods - Irish, Italian, Russian, Greek, German, Polish and others. In many of these communities, making beer and…show more content…
These statistics are probably sensationalized, however, no man has ever brought forth the proof that Capone touched a trigger in any of them. The most that can be said is that Capone's enemies (mainly other mob leaders trying to cash in a little too much, in Capone's territory, on the prohibition law) died, that Capone's friends lived longer than the friends of other gangsters; Capones power, influence, income, and the scope of his operations grew with the hammer blows of death. It was not illegal in the 1920s to own a machine gun, so the "Chicago piano" quickly became one of the key tools that gangs used to maintain their influence. The situation quickly got out of control, and deteriorating became an open warfare. Hundreds of "soldiers" were killed on Chicago's streets, in cars and at home, and the concept of being "taken for a ride" took on a new meaning. Al Capone is said to have had more to do with this than any other, only because he was the main mobster around and had so much control over all the illegal practiced doings of the city. As there were many wars between the peasants and the king, there were many wars between Chicago mobs over who had control and who didn't. Robin Hood was the peasants leader, as Capone was the Chicago residents, but Chicago's king was not hated, in fact, he was adored and respected by many! Capone was often seen with many highly regarded political

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