Essay on The life of Joseph Stalin

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The life of Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin. One of the Russias most supreme leaders. But one of its most horrid as well. He brought them up while also letting them down. Some could say where would we be without him. But others wish they never were led by him. He went from nothing to the most powerful man in the now most powerful country.

In the early years.
He was first born Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili to a poor shoemaker of a father on December 21 1879. It was a small village called Gori Georgia. He was a only child, whose father was a drunk and would beat him from time-to-time was a poor man. And a mother who did luandre just to earn more money. As a child he contracted smallpox which left him with life-long facial
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Which was were the government would support the money flow from the small tenant farmers would bring in from there crop. Many farmers wouldn’t cooperate with Stalin which led to him killing them and taking over their farm. The forced collectivization caused a mass famine that killed millions. Stalin ruled with a iron fist. He soon began to build a personality around himself. There was art work, rewritten history books to make him seem more heroic in the revolution. Oh by the way, the government controlled the media as well.

In 1939 Stalin and Hitler signed a nonagression pact. He annex parts of Poland and Romania and even invaded Finland. Then Germany broke that pact by invading Russia. The Soviets were not prepared for war. So the Germans almost reached the Russian capital of Moscow. But Stalin and the Red Army drove the Nazis out of Russia about 2 years later. But his son, died in a German war camp before the war was over. Then in 1945 the Red Army took Berlin and dividing it half communist, half democratic.

In his final years

After WWII his reign did not recede but to only harden. Western influence was a thing of the past in Russia. He turned easter governments into communist states. He led them all to the nuclear age. Then in 1950 he gave North Koreas
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