The main concept of brand loyalty has been approached from three different factors which is

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The main concept of brand loyalty has been approached from three different factors which is behavioral, attitudinal and composite loyalty. The researchers have their own assumption or known as behavioral view which they assume that the loyalty of a guest toward a brand is based on the repeat transactions occur. The study of O’Malley (1988) show that this approach provides a more realistic picture on how well the brand is performing compare to other competitors. However, this approach have been criticized because unable to differentiate between spurious loyalty and true loyalty. In contrast, attitudinal loyalty is always emphasizing the psychological element of brand loyalty in the company such as commitment, preferences and other factors.…show more content…
Services are one of the factors in customer loyalty studies because of the consistent and high standards of service that provided by the hotel. The delivery of service as promised was identified as the factor, which is the most important in developing loyalty to the hotel. In contrast, employees of the hotel should ensure the quality of hotel services by constantly reviewing their guest’s needs and the management should provide service from time to time in order to improve staffs performance. The third elements which is internal marketing is also crucial to the quality of hotel services. Treating the employees as internal customers would increase the employees’ satisfaction which is fundamental to the provision of good service to the hotel customers. My personal view of point, the 3 factors which mentioned by the researchers as above consists of advantages and disadvantages. According to Kivela (1996) she claimed that customer are likely view the service as bundle of attributes which affect their decision to select a brand. This point showed that hotel must maintain a high service in their property in order to have a long term business relationship with the guest. Service is the main element which differentiate an individual property compare to other property around the world. In order to ensure the employees satisfy and happy working in the hotel, the management should treat the employees as how they treat the guests in the property. As
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