The main factors that enabled Mussolini to rise to power, and consolidate his position in Italy between 1918 and 1929.

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Fascism was born with an ambiguous face, surging from socialist ideas developed in a strong nationalistic way, embracing monarchy and free-trade; it also had expansionist policies. Mussolini himself was in fact socialist, but as his party was not getting as many votes as he expected he shifted to fascism, but reluctantly breaking his links with socialism. The rise and the consolidation of power was done in a superficially legal manner, but a party led by a dictator needs a harsh rule to stay in power and be to some extent ruthless to bring order - something Europe needed, specially after the mess created by World War One.

By 1900 the process of unification in Italy, the Risorgimento, had largely been completed territorially, but not in
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Even after the Matteotti crisis the King did not ask Mussolini to resign (willingness of conservatives to abandon the fascist movement fearing a left-wing revival). With his own words, Mussolini affirmed in 1925 that to go against him was to go against the State, aiming at a totalitarian state.

In 1927 a circular status that provisional prefects must obey, even by fascist was created and In 1928 the new Electoral Law was applied while the boycotting of the parliament was taking place. It meant that if one wished to become a member of the parliament, this person should first be accepted by the fascists. By 1929 Mussolini had an accumulation of offices - 8 ministries. This is known as the Cult of the Duce (cult of leadership) and was given a major importance in the indoctrination process, in giving Italy a national identity.

The educational system had a vital change - text books became a state monopoly by 1936. two years later racism was thought in classrooms and one year later a fascist School Charter was created. Youth groups were created outside the school sector - it was necessary to keep the young ones as far from the older generation as possible. The older generation had more experience and could
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