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The main paper In response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, there has been renewed interest in the creation of a national identification system, typically embodied in a "smart" ID card, as a component of a national counter-terrorism strategy. National ID cards have been advocated as a means to enhance national security, unmask potential terrorists, and guard against illegal immigrants. "The core issue can be expressed as a question: What actions should the federal government take to certify the identity of its citizens and other persons in its jurisdiction, and what role should computing technology play in that process? To deal with questions like this, lawmakers, leaders, and government agencies often begin the policymaking…show more content…
According to the opinion of Animesh Shrestha (CSC4735 Forum): "Security is the main purpose of creating the system of national ID. Well it can work a little bit on this purpose. But the question is: Will this system somehow prevent the hijackers, but will it prevent the terrorist attacks? Answer is no. Because the man who created the idea of national ID is a human and a terrorist is also a human. So if a human can create an idea to make a national ID for the security then another human can make it failed in different way. If someone wanted to forge this new card, it can and will be done. There is nothing impossible in this universe. The current example can be taken as the SSN. The social security number is issued for every one‚s security. But does it work as it is? Attacks on September 11, proves it is totally ineffective. So same thing may happen to the newly proposed national ID card." The National ID card system and the law enforcement agencies are able to identify and track down certain people, but it will not prevent criminal acts. There are millions citizen living in the United States itself and law enforcement agency cannot monitor each of us and prevent suspicious acts. According to the article “Don’t Make Privacy the Next Victim of Terror” in the Business Week Magazine October 4, 2002, by Jane Black. She said if we open the San Diego White Pages, and turn to the A’s, then we will
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