The main role of an advertising agency

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The main role of an advertising agency is to promote and advertise any businesses products or services on offer for a company or an organisation. The advertising agency would be paid for their services by the company they are advertising for. The reason why businesses might advertise there products through an advertising agency is because it can save them a lot of time which may be needed to concentrate on other business ideas. Advertising is a wider range of communication used as a form of promotion; which is delivered through various media outlets such as television, radio, internet etc. All major businesses have advertisements which they put out to the public in order for them to be informed about their products and services, the…show more content…
Media planning – This is generally referred to the media department of the business, which will work to find out which forms of media would be best to advertise a certain business’ new and upcoming product or service. Nike would leave it to Wieden+Kennedy (WK) to choose the correct media platform for them to reach their desired target audience as well as saving money and time. There are various factors which the advertising agency has to take into consideration when doing its media planning such as; how many of the audience can I reach through different media? On which media should I place the ads? Which frequency should I select? How much money should be spent in each medium? With Nike it would seem ideal for them to advertise their new apparel and footwear amongst areas where the younger generation is more frequent for example social websites and on school buses and where athletes are based such as near stadiums and by any gyms.

Production – It is fair to say that the production team is the ones that put the advertisement campaign out there for all of us, the public, to see. They finalize the whole advert and they ensure that it meets the correct criteria for it to be displayed to thousands if not millions; this includes making sure that it doesn’t offend anyone and it is not abusive in any way. Furthermore, as it will be able to be seen by all ages they have to not
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