‘The meaning of text is as moral as its reader’

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‘The meaning of text is as moral as its reader’

The meaning of the text is often only as moral as its reader.If the reader is intolerant ,hateful,or oppressive,so will be the interpretation of the text.The main goal of the reader is to understand what is described in the text.This understanding is on the basis of factors such as biological,cognitive or behavioural issues. Individual readers may either accept, modify,ignore or reject text or any reading material, according to their experience , attitudes and purposes.Ultimately ,the Quran speaks through its reader.Its interpretation depends on its reader.If one take it as a Holy book then he will never judge it as wrong book or any of its text as wrong.
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If then husband is allowed to beat his wife, love and compassion have no meaning left between the two whatsoever.So there is always a hidden reality behind each and every verse of the Quran.They are always meant for different cases and different occasions.If women are allow to beaten then there would be reason behind it ,otherwise Islam and Quran always emphasize on agenda of equal rights for both genders.This was the reason that Quranic language never has the word like husband or wife ,it always emphasize to treat zawj(spouse) absolutely equally.If we take another example from Quran regarding the enemies we find that there were different occasions where Allah has forgiven Prophets enemies and there were occasions where Allah killed there enemies.If some one will read Quran then how will he interpret its knowledge?It can be so that one reader may get the concept of forgiving and other may get the concept of killing.So this shows that it is just to dependent on the reader that how he interpret the knowledge.So it is upto the understanding of reader that how he interpret the knowledge given in Quran , if he will take it in optimistic way then he will be more careful while judging the concept of Quran.While on the other hand ,if same knowledge is observe by the non muslin then one could expect him
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