The movie 'Alive'

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Alive Assignment The movie "Alive" is a shocking true story of an Uruguayan Rugby Team that crashed their plane in the middle of the Andes mountains. The Uruguayan plane crash carrying 45 passengers to Chile unfortunately resulted only with the survival of 16 students. Through a traumatic shocking experience, the movie reenacts the event of the crash. This movie demonstrates various examples of the importance of psychological and physiological needs in our daily lives. It also outlines how the survivors had to accomplish particular essential needs in order to ensure their physiological and psychological health. The movie "Alive" is a fascinating story that demonstrates heroism and faith through a team mainly consisted of teenage…show more content…
The confidence is built upon the esteem and the belief in oneself to be good or worthy enough to be capable of aiding others. The effort that Zerbino and Canessa made to look after the injured are examples of cognitive needs. Although Zerbino and Canessa do not have much experience within the medical field, they remain to help their wounded peers. The attempt to treat their wounded peers would be an example of cognitive needs because Zerbino and Canessa attempt to try things out and master their skills. In addition, Nando 's determination to find a way out of the Andes mountains shows his self-actualization needs because he is devoted to finding rescue. Another example of self-actualization needs would be displayed under the Catholic faith that everyone in the team carries out, except for Vito because he was an agnostic. The team were devoted to their Catholic faith as they prayed and sang the "Hail Mary" every night. Their devotion to their Catholic faith attempted to display themselves living up to their full potential. These various needs that were met ensured the survival of the team as it helped them stay alive and be psychologically stable. The transcendence need that was met in the movie "Alive" would be exemplified after Nando, TinTin and Canessa encountered rescue and helped the rest of the team reach the same self-actualization that they have desperately aspired. The most essential psychological needs out of excitement,
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