The movie “All Quiet on the Western Front” Essay example

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All Quiet on the Western Front

The movie “All Quiet on the Western Front” can provide us with a lot of insight about the soldiers experience in World War I. The movie and what we learned in class can help us out with this. In the movie there were a lot of kids and just by looking at their face you could tell what they were thinking. Some of them were very scared of what might happen to them, some of them were determined to come home well and alive, and some of them looked excited to be serving the Fatherland and doing their duty. Back in Germany they told the students over and over that it was their duty to fight in the war and that is what men do in Germany. They were told they were serving the Fatherland and bringing glory back to
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Death by gas was a horrible thing. We learned this in class from the book that we heard about the effects of gas. You maintain consciousness until the very last five minutes in your life. You suffocate yourself for weeks on end with it getting harder and harder to breathe as the time passes. There was also lots of rain which caused lots of mud which soldiers would occasionally drown in. The soldiers quickly learn that training camp is useless; you learn everything you need to know in battle and in the heat of the moment. In the movie they showed the kids coming into war fresh out of training camp. They were probably about my age, or even younger. One of the older soldiers saw them, then looked at the trucks and saw it filled with coffins and said, “Headquarters was even nice enough to send us stuff to fill them with,” while he was motioning towards the newcomers. In war the space in between your trench and your enemies was called no man’s land. In no man’s land it was infested with lice, flesh eating rats, and flies. Sometimes the soldiers would walk out while they were at their turn at offense, and rats would crawl out of the eye sockets of dead bodies eating the eyeballs of their fallen comrades. There was death and unsanitary conditions everywhere. In the movie when the main character killed the French man you could tell he didn’t want to. They were used to shooting at people from a
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