The new common core initiative that seems to be sweeping the nation is yet another attempt at

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The new common core initiative that seems to be sweeping the nation is yet another attempt at reforming our nations crumbling education system. My assigned role in the simulation was that of Representative Todd Rokita, republican congressman from Indiana’s fourth district, for which I will be giving a short introduction. An explanation of the current federal education standards in America, how the common core is related to international education standards, and the states that have implemented the common core and why they have chose to do so will follow. We will also look at who is making these proposed reforms and who is most eager to implement common core on a federal level. Then examine where Representative Rokita stands on the issues…show more content…
Bush in January of 2002 (Ginsburg 2013). The idea behind No Child Left Behind was the fact that in different regions of the country with different economic and racial backgrounds there was an achievement gap between children of these different groups and something must to be done to fix the problem. The act is voluntary on a state-by-state basis but to receive title I funding the state must be enrolled in No Child Left Behind. The goal of No Child Left Behind was to have every child that attended school in public schools in America would be 100 percent proficient in math and reading by 2014. The public schools that held there standards to the highest quality are rewarded with extra money and the schools whose standards were failing were given less, in a hope to hold schools accountable for the quality of education they were providing. To gauge the schools quality of education participating schools must participate in standardized testing that shows the schools are meeting academic proficiency. In 2012 President Obama announced that states would be able to receive a waiver on the 100 percent proficiency by 2014 part of the act. States that receive a waiver must set state-specific, federally approved goals for education. So are our current education standards working? There is much praise by some parents for NCLB (Randolph 2012). Parents have seen there
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