The origin of piety

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The moral code of a society is established by many different factors. A large amount of different social guidelines are derived from religious doctrines. Due to the evolution of religion, social guidelines lack an absolute. The absolute of piety is what Socrates seemed to be searching for. His questioning of Euthyphro may have been due to his innocent curiosity. It is also probable to assume that Socrates knew that there was no true definition of Piety, and that his overall quest to find the universal of piety was used more as an example. He may have been expressing critical thought and encouraging society to understand the variation of individual perception, and the distinction of human existence. In my opinion, piety cannot have a…show more content…
However, Socrates recognizes a certain limitation to his manner of pursuing definitions.” (Wolfsdorf, 2003) I do not believe that Socrates’ pursuit for true definitions is naïve, I believe that because he realized the limitations of pursuing the origin of definitions that it is probable to assume his motives were more for the encouragement of creative thinking and not necessarily his own quest for a true definition. In a society that was highly predicated upon religion, the prevalent perception of the people at that time was that piousness was defined as what is pleasing to the gods. Socrates’ used critical thought and strong witted responses to question this perception. Many people say that his motives were based upon his quest for the core definitions of words such as piety, and overall the exploration of knowledge. I say that his longing for the universal understanding of the attributes of morale led him to understand that there is no definite. In situations and in life there is only relative, and nothing is constant. As humans we try to find the closest thing to constant, so we can measure our lives and daily struggles and compare them to something or someone that is not subject to the fallibility of man. I believe that Socrates was encouraging the search for knowledge by questioning the original understanding of certain definitions, like
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