The parallel between “Cathedral” and “A&P”

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The parallel between “Cathedral” and “A&P” Raymond Carver with “Cathedral” and “A&P” by John Updike are both short stories, even if in facts they are written during the same century, readers can interpret the changes that occurred to be really different. They both introduce characters that are being victim of stereotype by the protagonists, but somehow these characters made a great change into the protagonists’ view of the world and life itself. The stories differ in atmosphere and the quantity of people involve in each story which might be important to understand how changes occur. The audience can understand after analyzing these two stories that change is always possible and based on your action, a lesson is always to be learned the…show more content…
But in “A&P” Sammy’s stereotype toward the girls does not seem to change yet. The husband in “Cathedral” who’s being having a hard time making any type of connection with people, looks like he already changing as he engaged more and more with the blind man. As the husband, his wife and the blind man sat down to talk, the husband hearing them talk about the past and what had happened during the past ten years, “jealousy” kind of got into the room as the husband is paying attention to their conversation, expecting his wife to mention his name, “I wanted in vain to hear my name on my wife’s sweet lips” “And then my dear husband came into my life”- something like that. But I heard nothing of the sort” (Raymond Carver 77), and this was not the first sign of jealousy expressed in the story “She'd worked with this blind man all summer. She read stuff to him, case studies… They'd become good friends my wife and the blind man. How do I know these things? She told me. And she told me something else. On her last day in the office, the blind man asked if he could touch her face. She agreed to this. She told me he ran his fingers over every part of her face, her nose--even her neck! She never forgot it… usually after something really important happened to her” (Raymond Carver 77). Clearly he is jealous, and so emphasizes the eroticism of the blind man's touch.

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