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Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince” attempts to explain the necessary tactics and required knowledge a ruler must attain in order to gain and maintain a successful reign. The novel serves as an abstract manual, addressing the definition of a good/bad ruler by placing emphasis on the required military organization, the character a ruler must posses, and the success that could be attained if a ruler should follow the guide. The scope in which the book is written is that of a scholarly observant. Machiavelli places his findings and observations of history, as well as the needs of the people so the information may serve the prince as a tool, that once implemented will create and maintain a powerful state. The guide places a particular …show more content…
Warning that “Mercenaries and Auxiliaries are useless and dangerous...”(40) any use of either will surly hinder, even destroy success. Mercenaries are described to be power hungry, undisciplined and disloyal; lacking any fear of God therefore, placing no faith in their fellow man. Truly, they are pretenders whom face a friend with bravery, yet are cowardly upon battle. Consequently, Auxiliaries whom are called for defense and assistance are also ill advised by Machiavelli. “Auxiliaries are the other useless kind of troops...” (44) here he uses the example of Pope Julius II and his failure upon battle, concluding that anyone who doesn't want to succeed should use this form of recourse. With both of Mercenaries and Auxiliaries there is no loyalty nor sense of fellowship, which are essential in military success. The importance of trust and loyalty in a military force must also be exemplified by a leader; “...armed forces must be under the control of either a prince or a republic: a prince should assume personal command and captain his troops himself.”(41) there must be a relationship that binds soldiers to a purpose. A purpose, that leads to the understanding that in order for a goal to be attained, a unit must be formed bound by trust and comradeship. If a ruler is able to attain a fighting force to be as one, then he is proven to be a good ruler. Machiavelli uses examples such as Rome

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