The representation of youth in 'a clockwork orange' and 'If....'

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The representation of youths in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘If….’
I will be investigating how youth is represented in the films A clockwork orange (1972) and If…. (1968) and how the films affected the views of the time and how the films influenced youths.
I have chosen to investigate these films because of how both films were released at the time of the relaxation of violence in cinema.
I also chose these films because the similar themes in both films, as both films focus on youths in society and there place in society, And also how Malcolm McDowell’s character Michael Arnold "Mick" Travis in ‘If….’ served as an inspiration for his character in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A clockwork orange’ Alex Delarge and the similarities between the two
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This is one of the main theories I will be applying to the two films I will be analysing, ‘IF….’ And ‘A Clockwork Orange’.
One of the main things I that is important in both films are the costume, in both film are ‘uniforms seen on many of the characters throughout the film, in a clockwork orange, set in a dystopian future Britain, Alex and his ‘Droogs’ wear a specific uniform and so do other ‘gang’ type groups of youths in the film, this is intertextuality of youth at the time were many teenager became part of a group by the way they dressed with the Mods, Rockers, Teddy boys and later the Punks, it was very commonly know that wore these types of uniforms. The youthful characters in if…. Also wear a uniform, the film is set in a boarding school in England so most of the characters you see, except the teachers wear a school uniform. In both films there is also a clear difference between the teenage characters and the character that represent authority in each film, in A Clockwork Orange when Alex is arrested all of the prisoners wear matching suits and the prison guards and anyone that has authority over is wearing a suit, this is the a stereotype a the typical ‘man’ accepted in society showing how Alex is being changed to fit this stereotype in the film when is his realised from prison and he’s wearing a suit and so are some of this old friends.
There is also a change in costume in if…., for the final scene, the main protagonists change into a causal military style

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