The research question asked by Coyne et al. (2009) study was whether the size and ownership type of

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The research question asked by Coyne et al. (2009) study was whether the size and ownership type of the hospitals make variance in cost and efficiency results of the hospitals. This distinction of the cost and efficiency matter are very important for the policy makers to motivate a certain type of the health care facility for gaining a better control for the payer mix, case mix and services provided (Coyne et al., 2009, Pg. 174). The research question for Messina et al. (2009) study was whether the patient satisfaction is the reason for the increased volume or admissions in the hospitals, and whether the patient satisfaction and increased admissions are different in teaching and non-teaching hospitals. The patient satisfaction and the…show more content…
None of the past literature used covered the case mix reimbursement as the measure of the cost results. The case mix is in fact very vital part of the hospitals financial results and base for future reimbursement management. Also, the study pointed that the small and the large hospitals have high efficiency (similar to large size hospitals) and since the small hospitals as Critical access hospital (CAH) do not participate in cost reimbursements, perform complex cases (as the large hospitals) as medium sized hospitals are seem to have lower costs and greatest efficiency. The efficiency of the smaller hospitals as the rural hospitals are not comparable to the larger hospitals because the smaller hospitals always have difficulty in keeping up with the volume. The literature review considered in this study had considerable time gap. Therefore, more recent studies considering the case mix, cost reimbursement for different sized hospitals need to be added for the study to be more effective. Furthermore, the study said that in case of economic crisis, the hospitals need to be merged to increase sizes and make them more efficient (Coyne et al., 2009, Pg. 174). This statement is conflicting to the cost and efficiency results of the individual hospitals portrayed in the study, which needs to be clarified.
Messina et al. (2009) study has utilized the literature reviews well and but failed to
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