The rich and the poor - class-conscious on income inequality Essay

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For the purpose of this essay this scholar will focus on an article that addresses population in the news. It is this scholar’s intent to discuss the subject matter in the article and specifically highlight the statistical information related to its findings. According to a January 12, 2012 New York Times article written by Sabrina Tavernise there is a rising perception of class tensions between the rich and the poor due to income inequalities. This opinion stems from the results of a survey that was conducted early in December of last year. The main idea on this article was to convey a message that there is a rise in people’s perception of class tension between the rich and the poor because of income inequalities. The author’s …show more content…
The article was based on a Pew Research Center telephone survey conducted by Mr. Rich Morin, a senior editor at Pew Social & Demographics Trends. The survey polled a sample of 2,048 adults during 6 to 19 December 2011. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points for the results based on the sample. The same was conducted by calling the subjects that were living in the continental United States. Out of the 2,048 subjects, 769 were called on a landline and the remaining 1,279 were called on a cellular phone. In addition, the survey included a oversample of 808 adults within the ages of 18 and 34. Still, the main sample for the survey was a cross section of 2,048 adults. According to the survey’s composition and as it is in many cases with most polls, this sample is statistically representative of adults across the country, accurately reflecting the gender, age, educational, geographical, and racial makeup.
As aforementioned, the survey poll had a oversample, which means that at times pollsters take additional samples of a sub-population over the original portion of the main sample with the intent to reduce variances of important statistics of a target sub-population. Under those circumstances, the more interviews are conducted the less potential random sampling error should be encountered. Moreover, before tabulating the data for the full sample, pollsters
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