The rising costs of college

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Yoshimasa Hirano
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The rising costs of college In the US, higher education is really important to succeed in the future. “In 2003, the typical full-time year-round worker in the United States with a four-year college degree earned $49,900, 62 percent more than the $30,800 earned by the typical full-time year-round worker with only a high school diploma” (U.S. Census Bureau). That means if you have a bachelor’s degree, you would get a better job and salary compared to people who do not have one. “Nearly 68 percent of high school graduates started out for college (44 percent of these kids to community college)” (Mark. Para.4). Everyone knows how important it is to go to college and get a
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Such burden is all on students who have to pay for as tuition. Of course, not all the colleges spend that money for luxuries. However, due to such colleges that use the money as subsidies for luxuries, all the colleges have to receive less subsidies than before. The point is that the government should inspect how colleges use subsidies for once or twice a year. Then the government judge whether the college can receive the average amount of subsidies or less amount of subsidies. As a result, the amount of tuition students pay may be reduced in the future.
Another way to reduce the amount of college tuition, Obama is thinking now as well, is going to be really effective and going along at the time. “Another approach mentioned in the plan is online education through what have become known as “massive open online courses,” or MOOCs, which are mostly free” (Lewin. Page 2, Para 2.). That is, you can get credits through taking the online classes for almost free. How to evaluate students is not on the hours the students spend in classrooms but how much they can show they know (Lewin. Page 2, Para 2.). There is no difference between such college and colleges already exist. The merit is that you can get access to the homepage to take classes anytime you want. It may help you to get motivated more. Moreover, you can take classes what you really want to. If you want to take a marketing class in Harvard, you

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