The role of computers

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As we all know, computers can be found everywhere these days. They have changed the way we think, live and study, etc. The fact that computers have made incredible changes to our society, makes them very special invention. Although they might be only as important as other inventions such as electricity, airplanes, etc, it is their ability to be programmed to perform an amazing variety of tasks distinguishes computers from all the other inventions. Computers are playing an effective role in different fields such as Biology, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, High Definition Television (HDTV), Video Games and other social sciences. However, just like any other invention and new technology, computers have their own issues and problems.…show more content…
Computers also can be used as a practicing tool. 'At the practical level, the machine can be used as a training tool by a would-be jazz performer. Learning alone is not efficient, as one tends to speed up at easier passages and slow down at difficult ones, while swing requires perfect mastery of tempo - more so than in classical music. Learning with a metronome does not allow the interaction provided by a dynamically changing rhythm section, and learning from records of rhythm sections is repetitive and inflexible, as no change of tempo and of key, nor any repetition of isolated and difficult passages, are possible ' (Baggi 1998).

Computers have given humans a great opportunity to have a better life. They have made learning easier and more fun. They help humans get in touch easier and for less cost. Almost every college student needs a computer (or owns one) to handle their studies and do their assignment. Computers help humans make music, edit movies, check their bank account, talk to friends, play games, learn, teach, etc. However, there has to be some sacrifices for all these possibilities. More jobs are being lost to computers every day in every field. Children are spending more time playing computer games or surfing the internet, rather than going out and doing sports or playing with their friends,
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