The role of supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect

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Unit 11, P6: The role of supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect In order for a vulnerable individual to feel confident and feel as his/her needs are met, a supportive relationship is essential. A supportive relationship is a relation based on empathy and encouragement and based on the individuals supporting each other in different ways, in order to maintain happy and healthy, physically and mentally. Without a supportive relationship, individuals might not feel confident or they might feel withdrawn and neglected by the person who is taking care of them. Without a supportive relationship people might start feeling self-conscious or they might become depressed as they might feel as people do not want to be…show more content…
If a person is deaf, it will require a signer for communicating with them; if a person does not speak English then it might be required for a person to translate in their language and if a person has learning difficulties then the worker should use Makaton to help them out. It is very important that the vulnerable individual use their preferred method of communication as it is easier for them to express themselves that way. Respect for culture, beliefs and lifestyle For a supportive relationship to be effective, it requires the professional to respect who the individual is and their beliefs, culture, lifestyle and choices in life. When a professional shows interest and respect in the individual’s culture and beliefs, then the individual feels more trusting and more comfortable around the professional. It is important that a professional provides the necessities in order to support the individual’s beliefs (e.g. if an elderly person from a residential care home was vegetarian, then the professional must assure that a vegetarian meal is served to the person). Often in residential care homes, some residents do not wish to be treated by a worker of the opposite sex, this means that the professional
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