The 's A Day Doesn 't Go By That They Aren 't Live Music Essay

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For millennial’s a day doesn 't go by that they aren 't streaming music. There are millions of songs and hundreds of ways to listen to them, a person is constantly absorbing information, whether it is consciously or subconsciously. If someone was to constantly allow his subconscious to be filled with violence it would affect his day to day life, and if everyone allows their world to be filled with hateful, violent, misogynistic influences it will affect the overall societal values of our society. The future is held in the hands of a generation that is constantly being fed words of hate, what does that say about how life will be years from now, when these people have actual power to do something for our nation and is it the artist 's job to protect them and be leaders? Most would criticise and blame musicians but it 's their art, their emotions but listeners shouldn’t be allowed to censor it. No matter the lyrics if the songwriter has a great enough fan base, the music will sell. This is the case for so many mainstream artist today. The words are nothing but hateful but the albums fly off the shelfs in hopes that the new album will be as good as the last. Old artists such as Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce have built a fanbase that would support them through any career decisions they make. In the article “It 's 2014, so why are Eminem 's violent lyrics still OK?” Patrick Ryan explains that Eminem could release an album of himself yodeling and it would still sell as well as

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