The 's A Total Idiot

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“He’s a total idiot to mess things up with you. A complete fool.” Percival pulled Mithian right up against his body and they kept dancing to the slow Christmas tune. He wondered if he and Mithian would become more than friends after tonight. He hoped so. In the middle of the dance, Arthur stood up and killed the music. “I have an announcement to make.” He pulled Gwen off the couch and dropped to one knee. “Gwen, I love you more than anything and I would be honored if you’d be my wife. I love you so much. What do you say?” “Yes!” she shrieked, her shoulder-length, wild black curls bobbing as she jumped up and down. Arthur slipped the ring onto her finger. Cheers of congratulations rang out, but Percival sought out Merlin, who stood…show more content…
She is a wonderful, beautiful person.” He withdrew the ring from his pocket at held it out. “Freya, will you make my heart whole and allow me to love you for all the days of my life? With tears in her brown eyes, Freya nodded, and she and Merlin kissed. More cheers erupted. How would any of them ever forget this night? Arthur made his way to Merlin’s side and joked about how Merlin had shown him up with a better speech, but the men embraced, obviously happy for one another. While Percival turned his attention to the fire and added another log, Leon joined him. “Good for them,” Leon said, in a wistful tone. “I’m happy for the guys. I’d like to be happy for myself, too…” He shook his head. “Forget that. I’m being selfish. You and Mithian, huh?” Percival stood up and brushed the wood ash from his jeans. “I don’t know. I really hope so.” “She’s into you, I can tell.” Percival felt bad for Leon. The man hadn’t had much luck in love lately. His girlfriend had left him right after his accident last year, and Leon hadn’t bothered to date since; he was embarrassed by his limp and confessed to Percival he was “done trusting women.” As Percival and Leon stood side-by-side in front of the warm fire, an attractive, porcelain-skinned girl with a long black ponytail rushed up to Leon. Percival recognized her as one of Gwen’s friends, a freshman named Morgana. “Oh my God, you’re Leon, right?” she asked, staring up at him, her pale green eyes wide with
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