The 's Argument Against Prostitution

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Prostitution is the exchange of money for sex which enables the client direct access to sexual satisfaction through physical contact. In this essay, I shall argue that we should be morally opposed to prostitution. I shall analyse Laurie Shrage’s argument against prostitution. I shall then consider Igor Primoratz’s objections to these arguments and examine his account for why we should not be opposed to prostitution. I shall then explain why Shrage’s argument survives these objections and we should therefore be morally opposed to prostitution. Shrage’s argument focuses on the view that prostitution oppresses all women and we should be morally opposed to it. Shrage’s argument concerns modern, contemporary prostitution. The central thesis to Shrage’s argument is the notion of cultural beliefs. Shrage defines cultural beliefs as what we as a society believe as a whole. Society interprets our actions and determine their moral status based on the majority’s beliefs. It does not matter if these beliefs are true or false because society will praise actions that they consider to be good and condemn those actions which they consider to be bad (Shrage, 1989, 351). Shrage argues that there are four cultural beliefs which cause prostitution to oppress women because it causes women to be labelled and asserts male social dominance. The first cultural belief she suggests is that society generally believe that human beings, particularly men, possess a strong sex drive. The second cultural
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