The 's Argument For The Free Will

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Free will is something which all human’s posses. However, if God has knowledge of all the decisions we will ever make how can free will exist? Boethius confronts this question with his consolation of philosophy. He answers it by his definition of eternity and how it pertains to human’s free will. During this paper I will analyze Boethius’s argument as to why we retain our free will based upon his definition of eternity. Boethius says that God has the ability of foreknowledge and knows all things past, present, and future because of his eternity. Foreknowledge is defined by Boethius as the ability of God to foresee things in the future. According to Boethius once God foresees things through foreknowledge they are thus necessary to…show more content…
Through this eternality and living in a moment that never passes our free will is not affected. If God does knew things of the future based on the necessity that they must occur. Then this would indeed alter the idea that humans have free will because if something is to occur out of necessity, then that thing was no longer chosen out of free will, but was chosen because it was a necessary action. Therefore, God’s knowledge of things that occur in the future is not based upon necessity, but rather knowledge based upon truth. All things that occur are thus done not out of necessity, but are done through the free will of its agent. Through this ability that God possesses to view all things in his present it would appear that all things then are, through the divine eye, out of necessity. No matter if you change your actions or your purpose God will still have foreknowledge of the events to come because man cannot change the divine knowledge. Since God is eternal and exists outside of time and through his abilities, we retain our free will, however God already knows what we have done or chosen before we have done these things. All things we do therefore are done through a free will however are seen as a necessity through providence to happen. Even though through the definition of eternity God already has knowledge of what is to come and what decisions
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