The 's Article ' How Will You Measure Your Life?

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I want to be a physician that leads by example and the most valuable way to do that is delivering the best quality care that I can to my patients. To do this will be a challenge in a difficult to navigate and changing healthcare system, but I hope to learn from my own experiences, exposure, and position myself with the best possible support to succeed. After reading Clayton Christiansen’s article “How Will You Measure Your Life?” I began to think of ways that I could go about doing that. I think that it is important to not only think about about how things go at work, but how you are as a person. I would hope that the people I care about view me as someone they can count on, someone they know will do the right thing, and someone that they have seen do the right thing. One of the key things that Christiansen touches on in his article is the allocation of resources. You cannot do everything, but you should try a have a large impact on the right things. I will make sure to create a balance in my life, both home and professional. I will need to focus on both and be prepared the sometimes the gains may not be immediate in either aspect, but by putting time and work in I will be more motivated and happy at both. Putting in a disproportionate amount of time and energy will only lead to an imbalance that would potentially get worse and worse. Right from the beginning I will make sure to keep work life balance a high priority. In William Deresiewicz’s lecture “Solitude
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