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Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La frontera is a very interesting piece of writing to read because it covers a lot of issues such as identity, language, and gender. The fact that she combines several genres in her writing offers another amazement. Like a powerful concoction, her writing which embodies personal, cultural, and political realities, in a way, reflects not only the richness of her multiple cultural backgrounds but also her efforts in cultivating those cultures. In terms of language for example, she identifies herself (and her community) as a complex and heterogeneous people. As a result, they speak many languages (1586). In addition, her claim that ‘ethnic identity is twin skin to linguistic identity’ elucidates her freedom to write bilingually and that she is not ashamed to use her native language. Somehow, it reminds me of my own native language, Javanese language which consists of three different levels namely low, medium, and grand. As I live in a region located in the coastal area in the north part of Java Island, I happen to use the low level Javanese in my everyday life. However, it does not necessarily mean that my community and I do not use the medium and grand level. It is just more common for us to use low Javanese on daily basis. People tend to use medium and grand Javanese especially when they talk to strangers and elders. Moreover, we have a very distinguished accent that people from different region can easily identify us. Like Anzaldúa and other Chicanas
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