The 's Capacity And Failure

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Man 's capacity and failure to control feelings has made individuals settle on right or wrong choices. Judgements made at critical times driven by absence of self - control, exaggerated feelings, outrage, presumption and desire for power saw the world dive into a chronicled calamity, World War Two. The ubiquitous wave of bloodletting, carnage and death floated over the globe with millions of people harmed, detained, starved, and subjected to forced labor. The war was fought with unparalleled velocity used weapons of unseen destructiveness in unsurpassed numbers summited with an atomic bomb. First World War acrimony, harsh treaty terms and sanctions, the upsurge of totalitarianism in Italy and Germany culminated to the rise and fall of…show more content…
His ambitions for a third Reich forced an extensive German Military conscription and rearmament plan that included building millions of guns and ammunition, planes, tanks, and warships. The resurgent German, also aspired making the elusive atomic bomb a project that would later be shot down before it fully proliferated by British Special Forces. In addition, Hitler tolled with the anti-Semitic theories fanned by his indoctrination to propaganda when he served in Bavaria Intelligence, labelled Jews as evil and less human. His regime established concentration camps to impede political and ideological antagonists. (Funk & Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia, page 1). Hitler’s obscure quest for supremacy and sense of revenge created a new alliance, the Axis, with Benito Mussolini an Italian dictator and Japanese Emperor. Mussolini far-fetched dream of a reestablished Roman Empire, became prime minister, and then seized dictatorial power. He conquered Libya, Somalia, and Ethiopia and he also propelled Nationalists win in the Spanish civil war in 1936-1939. On the other hand, Japan’s motivation in World War Two came from Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 that give her dominance in the East. She annexed Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria. However, with her military alliance with Britain halted in 1918, Japan
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