The 's Confident Didacticism?

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Despite Cher 's confident didacticism when it comes to dating, she falls short in her own seduction attempt, which further calls her "expert" status into question. She positions the viewer on the receiving end of her dating advice, laying out multiple steps via voice-over in her plan to...seduce Christian, but she fails to read the signs of his homosexuality. (135) This failure to read clearly coded visual cues may also reveal that Cher herself is the one who is “adorably clueless” as she gets wrapped up in her own attempts to perform and maintain the illusion of perfect femininity. This is especially true in the presence of other female characters in order to assert her dominance over them. Once she has been transformed and steered in the correct direction, Tai begins to overtake Cher in the race for status as the key Bitch figure within their clique community. Once Cher is no longer perceived as the perfect hyper-feminine guru in her community, it is easy for her to lose her position as the powerful female figure. Heathers reveals the same trend yet again when there is a college party that serves as the turning point of Veronica 's ability to associate with “The Heathers” any further. Just before the party begins, “Heather [Chandler] warns Veronica that the future of her social life hinges on her behaving properly” (Cecil 266) with the aid of what her makeover has taught her. The behaviour must match the image she projects. In this statement, Heather Chandler is

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