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CfE and the transition to Abertay: Sports contribution
Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) in schools has been acknowledge as the most significant change in teaching practice in many years (Reeves ????). At the heart of the CfE lies the desire to develop four capacities within pupils to give individuals the necessary skills for work, life and learning. Abertay University’s curriculum is undergoing change designed to develop “Abertay attributes” in their graduates. Central to both strategies is interdisciplinary learning alongside the contextualisation of lessons to increase levels of engagement, attainment and success. This paper will consider the parallels between CfE and the Abertay TL Strategy, the Scottish Governments policy on attainment and draw conclusions on the role and potential of contextualised learning through the Dundee Academy of Sport project.
The Scottish Funding Council has aspirations to increase attainment levels amongst students within Higher and Further Education. Aligned with this is their desire for institutions to “improve access for people from the widest range of backgrounds” ( the desired output of this result in improved life chances for all (the Scottish Government Raising Attainment).
Higher education institutions are taking various methods to achieve this through
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