The 's Double Doors Stand Open

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The van waits in the driveway, it’s double doors stand open. I have given myself over into the hands of strangers, because it can’t be helped. And so I step up, into the darkness within; or else the light. (Atwood 295) The light is bright. I can hear the air whistling by as the van screams across the countryside. I am not alone in the back, there is one other. Her face is bloodied and bruised, she wears green, she is a Martha. From the faint light coming in through the window, I see the faint outline of her face, vaguely familiar, she’s lying on the floor, tossed around like a ragdoll; she feels every bump. She looks like my daughter. I quickly turn away. But her face lingers in my mind, twisting and turning and churning inside my…show more content…
I miss my room. Anywhere but this van. A sharp putrid odour wafts up. My only travelmate has started to decompose. (Rot she’s rotting I need to get out of here I don’t want to rot.) The scent conjures up even more memories, particularly our failed escape across the border. I forget my husband’s name. I haven’t been fed. The van suddenly stops, I look out the window. I see towering office buildings, a Canadian flag, my heart raises, fluttering like a bird. Have I actually made it, or is this just a dream? A deep roaring grows outside, I am in the belly of a monster. I can feel it’s hot breath as the door opens, and I hear a crowd screaming my name, my former name. I haven’t heard it in years. Cameras are flashing, blinding my eyes, microphones are stuffed into my face. I feel like a circus act, some caged wild animal, an alien from another planet. I trip and fall, the crowd cheers, it’s a deafening roar, it envelopes my ear and morphs into one. Noise. Nothing more, nothing less. Static. My life. I lose consciousness. I wake up in a hospital room. My belly has grown, it’s almost due. The T.V. is playing, hanging on the wall, my face is on it. A news anchor is chirping excitedly about my heroic escape. I don’t feel heroic. I don’t want to be in this strange place, I don’t want that pill, please nurse go away (please please I don’t belong here this is not my home) this is not my baby, I don’t want to be here. A strange realization dawns upon me.
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