The 's Encounter With The Server Essay

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Suzy’s encounter with the server is an example of covert racism; it is rooted in a person’s unconscious thought (Halstead 2). However, Suzy counters other and less subtle racist individuals, such as the young lawyer who calls her “Suzy Wong.” She is tempted to say, “You mean that Chinese prostitute in that Hollywood classic?” (12) but she says nothing. Because Suzy is almost driven to speak up, the narrator proves her aggravation. Aside from the lawyer’s crudeness, he brings her further away from her identity: he makes a Chinese reference, while knowing that she is Korean because she is the interpreter for the case that he is working. Once again, the message is sent to her that she is not Suzy Park, but rather just another Asian woman. Suzy’s inability to find her identity reinforces itself in her ineptitude in keeping a steady job. She provides a list of her previous occupations, none of which lasted more than a matter of months. Intriguingly, the one job that she has stuck with is that of an interpreter. Despite her detachment to either American or Korean culture, she willingly delves into a job where she is forced to see and feel the different aspects of both cultures through language. What appeals to her is the fact that, “Both sides need her desperately, but she in fact, belongs to neither” (15). She finds safety in limbo, without the weights of cultural formalities and responsibilities looming over her. However, she does feel sympathy for the Koreans because she

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