The 's Equations Of The Universe

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Isaac Newton, famous for his equations of the forces of the universe, has been put to the test by Einstein himself. Although Newton has found the numbers and equations to describe gravity and the way nature is, he has not figured out how it really works. Einstein noticed this, and learned that space, gravity, and time work together like a Spiral Wishing Well. He says that space is flat with no matter, but when there is matter, like the earth, the fabric of space warps and curves. One must imagine the hole of the Spiral Wishing Well as the earth and the penny rotating around it is like the moon to see how space warps and how the medium that affects gravity is space itself. With this in mind, many other theorists and physicists began…show more content…
After this discovery, many started to ask where are these other dimensions? A man named Oskar Klein found a way to answer this question in 1926. He stated the dimensions come in two different kinds. One is the dimensions we see with our own eyes, and the others are tiny, minuscule curled up dimensions that we cannot see. This idea reveals that deeply tucked in the fabric of space itself, there could be other dimensions. In result, the theory called the Superstring theory was discovered. Superstring theory tries to describe the basic and fundamental components that make up everything in the world around us. The idea can be described by looking at an object such as a pencil and trying to find out what its made of. When one looks deeply, there are atoms, and then electrons and protons, and then finally quarks. This is where conventional ideals stop. However, due to Superstring theory, there are actually more past quarks. Deep inside these particles, there is a dancing thread of energy. It looks like a vibrating string on a guitar and can also vibrate in different patterns just like guitar strings do. They do not make musical notes, instead, they produce the different particles making up the world around us. If these ideals are right, this is what the tiny, microscopic landscape of the universe looks like. It is made up of a large amount of minuscule fibers of vibrating energy that vibrate in various frequencies. These

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