The 's Exceptional Qualities For Being An Effective Leader

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Everyone wants to be a leader, but the harsh reality is that only few can lead in a given circumstance. There are certain qualities that a person must develop to be an effective leader. For instance, being ambitious, enduring, courageous, and being emphatic at all times. According to Sam Houston, a great leader is a person who ameliorates others ' lives with their helping hands. Rama, the protagonist character from the epic Ramayana, could be a good example of a great leader. There are particular reasons to allude Rama as an effective leader. Firstly, Rama followed the path of Dharma as a duteous son, as an obedient disciple, and as a conscientious king. Secondly, Rama proved that he possessed all the qualities to being an effective leader. And, He developed appropriate morals, respects those around him, can listen and takes opinions from other. These upstanding characteristics of Rama made him different from the legendary Greek King of Ithaca, Odysseus. This essay will discuss Rama 's exceptional qualities for being an effective leader in comparing and opposing to Odysseus. Rama 's attributes demonstrated that he was a more skilled and effective leader than Odysseus. He was more respectful, trusted and a wiser leader than Odysseus. Rama is a very polite and educated leader, as he follows the concepts from Dharma. Dharma is the idea of engaging in appropriate behaviors, the concept of universal order and unity, which contributes to positive results in life. For
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