The 's Five Levels Of Hierarchy Needs

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Patagonia Inc. has satisfied Maslow’s Five Levels of Hierarchy Needs. The employees’ physiological needs of having food, water, and shelter for themselves and their families are met because their security needs are also being addressed by the company such as security of tenure, physical safety, and health safety, among others. These are benefits that employees are able to enjoy with their families. Their social needs are also met because the company offers many opportunities for employees to feel a sense of belongingness and acceptance through social interactions employees have with one another. Activities such as surfing, skiing, fishing, hiking, and drinking, are just among the many activities employees enjoy, which employees from different companies may find difficult to comprehend. However, Patagonia employees recognize that these kinds of activities and deconstructions are what pave the way for many of them to be more creative at work. Employees’ esteem needs are also addressed because employees know that the company respects them and recognizes their efforts, which is the reason for the unconventional benefits and work methods introduced in the company. The last stage is the realization of self-actualization needs, which is also being experienced by some, probably not all, employees in Patagonia. These are those who have a deep appreciation of life experiences especially that the company provides them opportunities to be of help to others and to the environment.
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