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Opening Sweetgreen’s front door, I instantly felt out of place. At seven o’clock on a Sunday evening, the small salad shop was a place filled with almost all females. Even though I was anticipating this result, I still found it hard to believe that this restaurant was always occupied by entirely women. Upon asking an employee about whether my observation was something that occurs often, he responded, “we are Sweetgreen. Of course, we get a lot more girls than guys.” The fact that Sweetgreen attracts girls must have something to do with how it brands itself. After having trouble finding any advertisements for the brand online, I concluded that the marketing that attracts these females must be in the store. After going back to Sweetgreen, I came to the conclusion that whether intentional or not, Sweetgreen is marketed toward the stereotypical female as seen through its core values, decor, menu options, and service. Sweetgreen utilizes the fact that the mass media encourages women to obtain a thin figure, as discussed by Susan Bordo in "Hunger as Ideology,” in order to sell their product. Bordo explains that advertisements teach women “to view long, slim legs, a flat stomach, and a firm rear end as essentials of female beauty.” (102) Because advertisers constantly convince women that achieving a thin figure is important, women eventually became self-critical of their bodies. This causes women to push toward this ideal image by losing weight by eating fewer calories. By

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