The 's Influence On The World 's Music Today

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Though Norway has a small population of only 5.3 million inhabitants, its musical culture is just as rich as many other countries. From classical and folk, to blues, country, electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, and metal, Norway’s traditions contribute to all of them. Although Scandinavia is often overlooked, it has a strong influence on all of the world’s music today. Archaeological digs have shed light on some unknown history of Norwegian music by revealing artifacts including instruments such as the lur. The lur, having been seen on ancient Scandinavian rock paintings, is a five- to eight-foot-long bronze blowing horn. Having been found in Norway, Denmark, South Sweden, and even Northern Germany, these instruments are cast into many…show more content…
He traveled throughout Europe while composing in order to incorporate Norwegian rural tradition as well as European culture into his music. Today he is highly celebrated in his hometown, with several statues and locations dedicated to his work.
Another influential musician in Norway, Johan Svendsen, was a composer, conductor, and violinist. Svendsen was known for composing larger scale orchestras and ensembles, while Grieg composed for smaller instrumental ensembles. Svendson’s most famous work is his “Romance” for violin and orchestra. Although Svendsen was extremely popular in Norway and Denmark, winning several awards and honors, these honors did not help his music spread very widely.
Folk music in Norway has been passed down for hundreds of years. It isn’t easy to completely describe Norwegian traditional music, with many specialized dialects from area to area. Few European traditional music genres have as rich a variety of dialects as the Norwegian ones. There are many opinions about what defines traditional music, but most Norwegian traditional music is in one of two categories: instrumental and vocal. Instrumental folk music is typically used for dancing and is called “slåtter" in Norwegian. There are two types of these dance melodies—two-beat and three-beat. These folk dances, usually performed by couples, are very social. Other
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