The 's Instructions Jumping Off The Examination Bed

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April had perked up at Darp’s instructions, jumping off the examination bed. Carrie stood up and squeezed April’s hand, the atmosphere had lightened after Darp’s instructions. Rick felt calmer now that Darp had taken charge. He had never wanted the responsibility of balancing his dealing with the aliens and humanity. Rick’s easy going and simple life had been totally upset when Darp had insisted he acted as an arbitrator to the treaty. The Executive Committee of the United Government had reluctantly agreed, only because they thought they had enough hooks into Rick to tweak his judgement. A mistaken believe.
“Since you’re my host today Lt. Bright take me to Main Medical,” Darp instructed once they were alone outside of the First Aid
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Southampton, don’t you.”
“Yes, your mainframe has bio-scan data on all of its residents. It was convenient the man left all that blood on April’s thorn jacket,” Darp said.
“Thorn jacket?”
“A simple security precaution I provided April,” Darp commented as the capsule started to slow down, “It extends thousands of nasty needles and uses them to shoot a powerful electrical charge intended to stun, if not burn an attacker. In this case, when he wrapped her up from behind he increased the number of contact points. He received the maximum charge.”
“How do you know that?”
“His medical records are detailed. Main Medical has excellent examination machines,” Darp said, jolted back into his seat as their ride ended.
They walked into the hospital with a purpose. Lt. Bright flashed her badge at anyone who attempted to slow them down. It took a few minutes to arrive at a non-descript door that had a sign stating the room was an auxiliary-waste treatment pump room. Darp checked his gun, and then tapped the sign on the wall.
“Rick’s going to love this. He’s working on my humor, and that is funny; we are going to treat some waste. Stay here this isn’t going to end well for him.”
“What if he doesn’t resist?” Lt. Bright asked.
“Do you think your government wants him talking? He’d never live a day in jail, when your President knows I’ve caught him. It is better for all this
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