The 's Irish By Gish Jen And The Son From America By Isaacs Bashevis

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Every year thousands of immigrant whether legal or illegal derived from different countries to come to the United States. Those immigrants have different ambitions and different backgrounds when they settled in the United States. Some arrived here for a better life; others are refugees or escaping from a bad situation. It is extremely hard to adapt to a country where the norms are completely different from where you come from. Each immigrant encountered different obstacles such as identity problems; confusion, isolation and so much more, but all of them always face cultural difficulties. “One Out of Many” by V.S. Naipaul, Who’s Irish? By Gish Jen and “The son from America by Isaacs Bashevis Singer, are stories about different immigrants and how their life changed once they moved to the United State. From there we can see all the challenges they had to face in a strange environment where everything seems upside and no place of acceptance. “One Out of Many” by Naipaul is a story about a named Santosh who moved from Bombay to Washington. Santosh was really happy with his country, but everything changed when the diplomat he worked for was assigned to move to Washington. Santosh could not bear the idea of losing his job, so he proposed to his employer to let him go with him. Due to those unexpected events Santosh life started to change. The diplomat always told him “Washington is not Bombay” (page 1007). This was a way of warning Santosh about what he will have to endure from a

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