The 's Journey With The Birth Of His Son

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Foer 's journey started with the birth of his son. The author was concerned about the nutrition of his child. Before becoming a father, he described himself as an inconsistent vegetarian, because he ate meat only when he felt like that and intermittently practiced vegetarianism for a few years.

Before visiting any farms, Foer spent more than a year, conducting research on eating animals. He explored such topics as animals feelings, history of agriculture and industry and the conditions people keep farm animals today. During Foer 's first trip to the factory farm, he was accompanied by the animal activist "C", who previously was working at one of the facilities. Foer is shocked by what he sees. At first, he doesn 't notice anything unusual, because of how many animals are there. Space is crowded, so it 's hard to distinguish the birds. When he takes a closer look, he realizes that there 's a lot of injured birds. Some chickens are deformed or covered with sores, and the others are dead. The conditions of some birds were so horrible that euthanasia was a rescue for them.

However, Foer doesn 't only talk to animal activists and defenders. He meets a factory farmer, who claims that American factory farming is feeding the world. The farmer believes, that as the family farm model has gone into the past, factory farming is the only way not only to provide poor people with food but also to maintain farmer 's income at the acceptable level. He says that PETA doesn 't want to talk
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