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At the time of this report Frankie Tilmon’s living arrangement has not changed. He continues to reside at 1718 Scenic Drive in Everett Washington with his mother, Lannie Golden, and step father, Michael Golden, and five female siblings, Nyla (8), Layla (7), Amber (7), Michailynn (5), Milan (4 months). He continues to live separately from his family living in the basement of the home. Frankie reports that his mother appears to have come to terms with his sexual offense and has made noticeable effort in trying to include him in the family mileu, since the last reporting period. Impeding Frankie’s progress this reporting period has been his complete absence from treatment. He was removed from treatment group because of his spotty attendance and the disruption this caused within the group in May 2015, and his individual treatment schedule was changed from twice monthly to once weekly. Frankie’s attendance issues continued after his removal from treatment group. Since the last reporting period, Frankie has missed, 7 out of 12 scheduled individual appointments. Accept full responsibility for sexual offense behavior: Frankie accepts full responsibility for committing his sex offense and does not place blame on anyone other than himself. He has however, denied ever sexually assaulting his sister, Nyla (8). Frankie appears to have come to terms with his offending behavior and can verbalize his internal motivations that precipitated his offense as well as his selfish
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