The 's Margin Call From The End Of The Day Essay

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While the core role of businesses is to connect consumer and producer and initiate transactions, discourse has arisen in recent years on whether businesses have a social responsibility. No longer are businesses seen as black and white institutions that simply provide services. For many, it is thought that businesses should act and make long term decisions not only for the sake of profits or financial success, but also what offers the most societal benefit. Do companies, at the end of the day, have an obligation to investors and the general public or to the stability of their own firm? Such a proposition, which considers the role of businesses in society, is explored within J.C. Chandor’s Margin Call. From the beginning, the audience is presented with a firm that obviously faces difficulties and stresses through the massive layoffs taking place. During the film’s opening, this firm and its decisions seem isolated within the financial industry and unable to have any sort of effect on the general public and society. As the film progresses, the firm develops into an economic behemoth, capable of taking down the entire global economy based on the firm’s decision to liquidate toxic assets. Why are the employees and executives of the firm prioritizing the stability of the firm over all else, from laying off countless employees to unloading worthless MBS product onto the market and subsequently initiating the recessionary snowball? Ultimately, the willful ignorance employed by the
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