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Chapter Defense – IT Governance Vision RentMyCar’s mission is to provide high-quality, low-cost, hassle free car rentals to everyone. The peer-to-peer (P2P) business model adopted by RentMyCar provides the firm a competitive advantage over other car rental companies. However, it is important, that RentMyCar not only conveys accurately the company’s intention, but also in a way that is meaningful to every stakeholder. Thus RentMyCar will make this vision make accessible by separating the movement into three major steps: launch, scale, and expand. During the launch phase RentMyCar will build and leverage strategic partnerships to quickly generate brand and credibility. RentMyCar will acquire initial customers by propagating the brand via these partners, however the launch phase will be restricted to the tristate area New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. During the scale phase, RentMyCar will then leverage social media and digital marketing to generate leads for new customers and manage complex customer relationships across a variety of channels; both digital and traditional. By segmenting existing customer groups based on newly discovered needs and buying patterns RentMyCar will maximize its profits and revenues. Additionally, RentMyCar will also scale its operations to other states on the east coast. RentMyCar will then achieve economies of scale by rolling its service to other states of the country while focusing on efficiency of its operations. IT Governance One of
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