The 's Multi State Network Of Free Public Charter High Schools

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SIATech, Inc. is the umbrella corporation that includes NEWCorp, RAPSA, and SIATech California.
SIATech, Inc. 's multi-state network of free public charter high schools is the foundation of our educational ecosystem, which employs 250 staff and serves 2,500 students at 22 sites. Our schools in California, Arkansas, and Florida re-enroll students from low socio-economic backgrounds who are highly at-risk of dropping out and those who have already given up and guide them to graduation. Our innovative schools provide students a renewed opportunity to earn a diploma and realize their full potential.
We 've designed our schools as small, individualized, and relevant to today 's workforce needs. Our first campuses were in partnership with federal Job Corps centers to complement students ' career training. We expanded to Job Corps centers across the country and built more partnerships with workforce training programs. Through our 20+ partnership and standalone campuses, we offer a range of classroom, blended, and independent study learning options for students. Graduating more than 600 students each year, our schools have recently received "Distinguished School" recognition by the California Department of Education and the prestigious "High Hope Schools" recognition by Gallup.
Thanks to our competency-based approach, enrolling in our schools happens when the student is ready, not just in September when schools are ready. Caring staff create an Individualized Learning Plan

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